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Outdoor Clocks

Outdoor clocks add a fun and functional component to your deck, patio or other backyard space. Not only can they display relevant information like the time, the temperature and the humidity, they can also add a chic accent to your space and complement your decor. At, you'll find an assortment of outdoor clocks to spice up your backyard.

What makes an outdoor clock an outdoor clock?

Outdoor clocks typically have a more weather-resistant construction than indoor clocks. They're designed to endure wind, rain and temperature changes that indoor clocks don't experience, and they tend to have larger numerals, so they're easier to read from far away. The vast majority of outdoor clocks have quartz movements, which are inexpensive, accurate and long-lasting. These quartz clocks usually run on batteries; you can use common alkaline batteries with most outdoor clocks, but if the temperature falls below -4 degrees Fahrenheit where you live, you should use lithium batteries instead, since they're more resistant to the cold.

Outdoor wall clocks can also feature extra dials and indicators for things like temperature and humidity. They're a great choice for gardeners cultivating plants that are sensitive to changes in heat and humidity. For example, try placing an outdoor clock in a greenhouse to keep tabs on the environment. You can also place one in a gazebo in the backyard, so you can still know what time it is without having to go back inside. Look for clocks with copper, bronze or wood faces to add a rustic accent to your backyard, or clocks with bright, legible faces for more functional use.