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What lawnmower blade is right for my mower?

Standard blades, also known as 2-in-1, are designed for use with a bag mower. Mulching blades, or 3-in-1 blades, are used with bagless mowers and keep the grass near the blades, chopping it into smaller and smaller pieces.

Can I use a mulching blade with my bag mower?

In general, a mulching blade isn't recommended to be used this way because it is designed to keep the cut grass circulating near the blades rather than being discharged to a bag. You'll likely find yourself with reduced bag yields by using a mulching blade.

I have very tall grass. What kind of blade should I use with my bag mower?

A high-lift blade should do the trick. These blades are curved more dramatically than standard blades and help to propel clippings toward the back of the bag, which can reduce clogs when dealing with longer grass.