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Hose reels

A hose reel can be helpful in collecting and storing your water hose. With Walmart's Every Day Low Prices, you can add one to your toolshed or backyard and not break the bank doing so. Here a few different types of hose reels so you can decide which is the best one for your needs.


If you have limited space or simply just want to save space, a wall-mounted hose reel may be a great option for you. They're easy to set up; all you need is a drill and a few screws. Some wall mounted hose reels use a cranking system, while others require you to wrap the hose around the reel manually.


A cart-style hose reel typically has two or four wheels and a convenient handle that allows you to pull the cart behind you or push it forward as you move around the yard. Cart-style hose reels are easy to maneuver and can be placed anywhere with a flat surface. Some cart reels have additional storage compartments that allow you to store your garden gloves or a small hand tool. Most, however, operate using the cranking method.


Container-style hose reels are stationary boxes on either a flat base or four legs. Container hose reels are designed to look like small wooden boxes but are usually made of a weather-resistant plastic. Some models are available with swivel bases that allow you to walk around your yard or garden with the box turning on its base in the direction you're headed. While most container-style hose reels use a cranking system, some models are equipped with an automatic retracting system that will evenly distribute your hose over the reel, making winding easier.