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Gazing Balls

You know what they say: if you gaze into the ball, the ball also gazes into you. They don't really say that, but gazing balls, also known as yard globes, gazing globes and mirror balls, have a storied history and make an elegant addition to your yard. They were first created by skilled Venetian craftsmen in the 13th century and later adorned the gardens of the well-to-do in the Victorian era. Today, at, you can find an assortment of gazing balls in all kinds of materials, sizes and colors to complement your decor.

Traditional gazing balls are made of blown glass, an eye-catching material that can be stained in a variety of colors and adds a timeless accent to your garden. However, you should bring them inside if you live in an area with harsh winters, since glass balls can become brittle and break more easily in cold temperatures. Many modern gazing balls are made of stainless steel with a highly reflective, metallic finish. These metal balls come alive in sunlight, scattering rays everywhere, and their mirror-like qualities can delight kids who can see a distorted reflection of their faces in the surface. Stainless steel is also highly resistant to corrosion.

Gazing balls typically measure between 8 and 12 inches in diameter, and many models can be placed on the ground, on pedestals or atop stakes. Measure surrounding flowers, bushes and trees to ensure that your gazing ball complements your space without looking out of place. Complete your fantasy garden with other lawn ornaments like pinwheels, statues and bird baths for a wonderful getaway spot.