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Arbors add an elegant accent to your garden or yard. The classically designed arches can be used to mark an entryway, as well as support vines and climbing plants like jasmine, rose, wisteria and honeysuckle. offers an assortment of arbors to suit your needs and your budget.

Many modern arbors are made of PVC or resin (also known as polyresin), sturdy yet affordable materials that can be molded to look like natural wood or stone. These synthetic materials are often treated with UV-resistant paint to resist degradation in the sun, as well as a weathered finish to imitate materials like sandstone or bronze and complement your decor. For a more upscale look, look for arbors made of wood like cedar, pine and fir. Metal arbors, particularly arbors made of black iron, add a traditional touch to your space, and they're very sturdy and resilient.

What's the difference between arbors, trellises and pergolas?

Arbors often have an arched shape and a continuous run of latticework to form a short tunnel. Trellises are like a single wall of an arbor; they can be attached to the side of a buildings, or they can stand freely in gardens. Pergolas are like arbors, but instead of being topped by an arch, pergolas have a set of posts that support a flat, rooflike structure. Pergolas are typically used to shade a walkway or a deck. Arbors, trellises and pergolas can all be used to support climbing plants and add an enchanting accent to your outdoor space.