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Swimming Pools and Waterslides

When the temperature rises, there's nothing like having a swimming pool or waterslide in your yard. Walmart offers a large selection of aboveground swimming pools, kiddie pools, water slides and pool accessories to keep you cool and having fun all summer long.

When shopping for a swimming pool, consider whether you want a pool that you can set up and take down easily or one that's more durable and permanent. Easy set swimming pools, as their name suggests, are very easy to set up and take down. They consist of a vinyl shell with an inflatable top ring. The pool takes shape as you fill it with water. Metal frame pools are also easy to set up and are somewhat more durable. They consist of a sturdy metal frame and a 3-ply liner. Metal wall swimming pools are permanent and don't have to be taken down and stowed for the winter.

When choosing a waterslide, you'll also have to consider your space and whether you want a model that's easy to set up and take down or something more permanent. Smaller slides tend to be easier to assemble and take down and are good for smaller spaces and smaller children, while larger slides can accomodate larger children and adults. If you have the space, consider a slide with a pool or a deluxe slide with a play area.

Whatever you choose, Walmart has your summer fun needs covered.