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Pocket folders

A pocket folder, also known as a presentation folder, keeps documents organized in a professional way. Use them for convenient document storage and for presenting documents to others. Bi-fold pocket folders, which fold in half like a book, and tri-fold pocket folders, which fold out into three panels like a pamphlet, are two styles to choose from. A legal size folder with one right pocket holds taller sheets of paper. Choose from materials like paper, high-gloss cardstock and plastic. The thicker the material, the more durable and less likely to tear. Paper folders, on the other hand, are generally less expensive and appropriate for light use.

A landscape folder is held horizontally while a portrait folder is held vertically. For optimum storage and durability, choose a folder that has expandable pockets with reinforced edges or pockets that are attached with an adhesive. For better accessibility to your files, choose an unattached flap pocket.