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Micro-cut shredders

Make sure your private information stays private by shredding your unneeded documents. Micro-cut shredders turn your paperwork into tiny, confetti-like pieces.

Home use: Compact shredders are easy to store when not in use and have removable lids to simplify emptying the shredded paper. Deskside shredders handle higher capacities and have doors for you to empty the shreds.

Business use: Check the maximum page load of the shredder. A maximum load of 10 sheets suffices for small offices, while you're better off using a departmental shredder that can take 50 sheets each time when you're working in a large office. Be sure to check the slot size too, to ensure it's big enough for the paper size you'll shred.

Safety features: An auto-stop feature ensures the shredder stops working as soon as a jam occurs. An overheat cut-out switches off the power when the shredder becomes too hot.