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Choosing the best stretch wrap

Stretch wrap makes it easy to protect important belongings. It's also used to keep items together for storage or shipping.

The wrap comes in different gauges. The lowest, 37-gauge, is good for wrapping lightweight, smaller items together. The heaviest, 150-gauge, is puncture-proof and ideal for irregularly shaped packages, heavy-duty items made of metal and those that weigh as much as 3,000 pounds. Stretch wrap that's 80-gauge can handle most packing and shipping needs. Choose 100-gauge for securing heavier boxes or items such as lumber.

If you're wrapping several bundles, multipacks are available to ensure you have plenty. Buying multipacks generally saves you money over buying the same amount of single rolls.

Black or green opaque film provides privacy and additional protection for your items. It keeps out UV rays, lasts longer for items stored outdoors, deters theft since it conceals your items and is helpful when you need to color code.