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Give your documents a professional look and a protective covering with the help of a laminator. Choose from pouch- or roll-type machines that utilize either a hot or cold method, and consider the varying capacities and widths.

Pouch versus roll laminators: For ease of use, simply put your document in a pouch and place it in a pouch laminator. For fast laminating and flexibility, such as with irregularly shaped documents, choose a roll laminator.

Hot versus cold: Thermal laminators have heated rollers that melt the adhesive backing. This type suits various items but isn't suitable for use around kids and pets. You can also choose a laminator with an adjustable temperature setting. Cold laminators are best for materials that are heat sensitive.

Capacity and width: The wider the machine is, the more flexible it is, allowing you to laminate small and large items. Check the thickness of roll or pouch that the laminator accepts. The thickness scale typically ranges from 3mm for standard laminations to 5mm for medium to 7mm for rigid and 10mm for extra-rigid laminations.