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Inkjet printer paper

Inkjet print paper is compatible with inkjet copiers and printers. When you have an inkjet printer, choosing inkjet printer paper as opposed to other types of paper gives you quicker-drying and higher-quality results.

Business: Linen paper stock is suitable for report covers, brochures and menus. The heavier weight ensures the paper holds up for multiple uses. Choose a premium bright white for things that need to be easy to read, like an outline, test or graphic. Glossy paper is ideal for photos and artwork.

Creative: Use inkjet print paper with designs for a creative look. Letterhead and designs along the sides of the paper create great stationery for personal and business purposes.

Labels and cards: Inkjet folder labels can work well with inkjet copiers and printers to print quickly and in large quantities. Make your own greeting cards with thick, textured paper.