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Desk calendars and planners

Desk calendars and planners are convenient to have on your home or work desk for a quick glance at the date. You won't have to search your smartphone calendar.

Desk calendars: Desk calendars measuring 22x17 inches lie flat and cover part of your desk with a month displayed on each page. This type protects the desk's surface and allows you plenty of space to fill in reminders.

Flip calendars: Flip calendars are smaller calendars that are held together with ring binders. There's space to fill in lined notes for the day on the left and more details on the right. Flip daily and change the refill yearly. These stand up on your desk.

Tear-off calendars: Simple tear-off calendars let you see the day of the week and the month on one page. Tear the sheet daily to reveal the next day. These can hang on the wall or sit on your desk, too.