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Copy and multipurpose paper

The following considerations can help you find the right paper for your needs.

Weight: Standard copy paper is useful in printers and photocopiers at home and work. Heavier-weight paper is ideal for presentations and for double-sided copying and printing.

Brightness: Paper that people most commonly use has a brightness of 80-100. Premium photocopy paper has a brightness of 96-97. Bright paper makes images more vibrant. Brightness that ranges from the 80s to low 90s is ideal for documents that contain only text.

Durability: Choose coated paper for more resistance to moisture, dirt and wear. Coated paper, which has a glossy or matte finish, also makes the printed material shinier.

Other considerations: There's no difference between copy paper and multipurpose paper. You can use both papers in laser printers and inkjet printers. Copy paper is typically thinner than printer paper, which can make it easier to buy in bulk.