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Bubble wrap

Protecting your valuables with extra padding is key to keeping them in good condition when moving or shipping them. Consider using these bubble wrap items.

Pouches: Bubble wrap pouches protect small items like jewelry, hand tools and decorative items in self-sealing bags that are 4x7.5 inches. This makes them easy to tuck in a storage box or suitcase. The pouches are reusable too.

Air pillows: Puffy air pillows cushion items in transit to hold them in place. The pillows fill up space in moving boxes to keep things from shifting inside. The air pillows are lightweight, so they won't weigh the containers down.

Padded rolls: Roll out bubble wrap to add a protective layer around glass and mirrors. Cut how much you need and attach with tape. Use this bubble wrap around furniture to protect corners and edges from scratches and chips during a move.