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Binders and accessories

Binders and binder accessories can make your life easier, tidier and more organized. Whether it's for math class, a presentation for work or a way to keep those recipes in one spot, there should be a binder out there for exactly what you need. Use this information to help narrow down the one that's right for your task.


Most binders are labeled as either heavy duty, durable or economy.

  • A heavy-duty binder will have a tough, non-stick cover and the rings will open up with one touch and be gap-free. This means you won't have to worry about paper sliding out of the rings.
  • Durable binders have a vinyl cover and gap-free rings.
  • Economy binders are not as heavy. They have a vinyl cover and round rings.

Binder by ring size

Binders typically come in sizes ranging from 0.5 inches to 3+ inch binders. The smaller the binder, the more portable it will be. If you're looking for something big to hold a lot of materials including folders, sheet protectors and tabs, choose a minimum 3-inch binder. Want to show off those vacation photos? Small binders keep your memories safe and easy to flip through.

There are three different types of binder rings: round rings, D-rings and slant rings.

  • A round ring holds fewer pages and is unavailable on binders over 3 inches.
  • D-rings are durable and can hold more papers than a round ring.
  • Slant rings are the most durable but hold less paper than a D-ring.

Keeping that in mind, here are some more tips on choosing a binder by ring size:

  • A 0.5-inch or 1-inch binder is a great option if you have a few pages you need to frequently reference. The small rings will help you to turn pages quickly. The metal claps on the binder, called boosters, are easy to open and close. A smaller binder is a reliable choice for presentations or as a place to keep important documents, pamphlets or photos.
  • To determine if you need more of a medium-sized binder, a 1.5-inch binder can hold up to 250 pieces of paper and a 2-inch binder can hold around 350 pieces of paper.
  • Binders with rings measuring 3 inches or more are a must-have for anyone with large amounts of paper that need to be in one place. These binders have slant rings and can hold around 600 pages of paper.

Pick a few smaller binders up for your kid's math, science and art class. Or check out the larger binders and keep all your work in one place. Looking to keep your work safe? A binder with zippered and hook and loop closures is the way to go. A spilled cup of coffee or rain won't be an issue with these protective features. Buying in bulk is usually more economical, so if you own a small business or have school-aged children it's a good idea to stock up at the beginning of the year.


Dividers are a life saver, especially if you are purchasing a 3-inch binder or bigger. Divider inserts are sturdy with tabs at the end to separate sections of the binder with ease. Tabs are clear or come in many colors to make organization a breeze. Many dividers are also equipped with pockets on each side for additional storage. Customize your binder to make it work for you. Divide your binder into sections by date, subject, importance or alphabetical order. Divider inserts will help give you quicker access to your papers when you need them most.

Sheet protectors

What do you do with your most important papers? Sheet protectors are inexpensive and come in multi-packs. If you have an important graph, chart, instruction manual or photo, it's better to be safe than sorry. If your sheet protector is going to be used in a presentation, make sure you choose a finish with non-glare. A sheet protector with thicker sleeves is your best bet for frequent use. For documents with minimal use, check out a standard or light sheet protector. If you need to store multiple papers together, look for a sheet protector with a wide opening. Some sheet protectors allow you to store up to ten papers in one sleeve. Most sheet protectors will fit any standard three-ring binder. Made of clear plastic, sheet protectors give the work in your binder a slick and professional look.

Index tabs and inserts

Have you ever searched for a specific page in your binder and just couldn't find it? If there's something you know you'll need again soon, mark the page with an index tab. These colorful, sticky tabs go on the end of a page and are visible as soon as you open up your binder. The easy dispenser makes writing a quick note and putting it on an important page easy as can be. Index tabs also work as a bookmark. If your binder holds an employee manual or study guide, use the tabs as a bookmark so you save valuable time from not having to search where you left off.

Make your binder stand out

Want a pop of color on your binder? Bright purple, teal and yellow are all fun colors for binders. For a personal touch, buy a binder with a clear cover on the front. Color your own sheet of paper with a picture or a favorite quote, and slip into the front cover for a unique look all your own. If you're making a presentation, include the logo or name of your company on the front for a professional look.