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  • Designed to be stronger and more durable than basic binders, this black binder features a tear-resistant spine (DuraHinge) and more flexible, split-resistant edges (DuraEdge)
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    Binder by ring size

    Choose the right size of binder to ensure your papers fit and are easy to turn.

    1-inch: Binders with 1-inch rings hold between 175-250 pages on average. Consider page dividers for quick reference in meetings and during presentations or for organizing large reports.

    2-inch: Use binders with rings that are 2 inches for projects ranging from 350-480 sheets of paper, depending on the thickness of the paper. Choose binders with inside pockets when you need extra space for storing outlines or summaries of the longer documents on the rings.

    3-inch: Bigger 3-inch ring binders are suited to large projects in the 460-625 page range. They're ideal for storing ongoing business records and safety manuals.

    Privacy level: Non-view binders are useful for keeping your project private, while clear view binders let you personalize the outside cover to add some pizzazz to a report or add a title so you know exactly what's inside.