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Basic calculators

Basic calculators perform most arithmetic operations. You'll need a scientific calculator for advanced calculus and geometry functions. All basic calculators let you do the four basic math functions: add, subtract, multiply and divide. Most also calculate square roots and percentages, and some help with basic calculus equations. Types of calculators allowed for student use in schools and on standardized tests vary. It's best to check with your child's school before making a final choice.

Consider purchasing a folding calculator or pocket calculator for on-the-go use. Your calculator will always be ready to use if you choose a dual-powered battery and solar model. Checkbook calculators are convenient, and models with memory help you track banking or credit balances. Basic calculators, which are available in many colors, are convenient to use. Look for extra features like large buttons for easier use, an angled view so your calculator can sit on your desktop and a 12-digit LCD screen, so you have a larger area to view numbers with more digits.