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3-inch plus ring binders

Binders with rings measuring 3 inches or larger are made to tackle big projects in the 600-page range. Look for these additional features.

Durability: Heavy-duty construction with durable edging is suited to lots of use. Use these for long-term projects like site manuals, development resources and records. If you'll be adding to the binders over time, keep in mind that D-ring binders hold 25 to 30 percent more than round ring binders.

Confidentiality: For confidential and private information, look for zippered closures for safekeeping. Choose solid designs without transparent covers to maintain privacy.

One-touch: Many of the binders have a one-touch feature to open and close the rings easily. This is helpful to keep things moving smoothly in presentations, sales meetings or when making proposals.

Some binders have special hinges to prevent tears in the papers. This helps make sure your work is long-lasting like the binder.