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Neutrogena lip glosses

Neutrogena makeup and skin care products are dermatologist-recommended and infused with natural ingredients like fruit extracts, nourishing oils, and protective sunscreen. People with sensitive lips or chapped lips choose Neutrogena lip makeup products like hydrating lip gloss formulations.

Lip products by Neutrogena

Explore all Neutrogena lip makeups we offer to find glosses that address your lip concerns.

  • For dry or sensitive lips, choose soothing lip gloss in high-gloss or non-sticky formulas.
  • When you want smoother, natural-looking gloss with less shine, order lip color sticks> made with shea butter.
  • Help heal cracked lips with clear or tinted lip moisturizer.
  • Use Neutrogena lip glosses with sunscreen for work and play outdoors.
Neutrogena lip glosses are available in pencil-style applicators, bottles with built-in gloss applicators, conventional lipstick packaging, and tube-style applicators. Tinted and clear lip balms and moisturizers are also available in standard lip-balm packaging you can pop in your purse or toiletry bag for convenience.