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What are some safety features on tablets for kids?

Choose from a range of safety features when you shop for kids' tablets at Walmart. Tablets for young children feature basic apps and games, but no Internet access. Tablets for older kids feature Internet access, but you can block websites.

Do I need separate software?

Many tablets come loaded with educational, fun software choices that teach kids about math and reading. Apps can also feature art programs that let children use their imaginations. Other tablets only feature one specific function, such as the Smithsonian Space Tablet that teaches kids about the solar system.

How do I select design features?

Most tablets for kids feature bright colors that stimulate young minds. Some tablets have a durable rubber exterior that absorbs damage and prevents cracking when dropped on a hard surface.

What brands make tablets for kids?

Some of the most popular tablet brands include VTech, Kurio, Zeepad and Leapfrog.