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Kitchen Spatulas

"Spatula" is a weird word that now refers to several different utensils in the modern American kitchen. The tool with the wide, flat blade and the slots is one kind of spatula. This tool is known as a fish slice in Great Britain and can also be referred to as a turner in the United States; it's used for cutting soft foods and turning foods while frying them. There are also spatulas without holes or slots, and they can be used for stir frying, flipping foods on a grill and scraping batter off of the sides of a mixing bowl. You'll find an assortment of spatulas to suit your needs at

Kitchen spatulas come in a variety of materials that each offer distinct advantages and disadvantages. Metal spatulas are durable, versatile and often dishwasher-safe, but you should avoid using them with non-stick pans, since they can scratch and remove the non-stick material and ruin the pan. Use metal spatulas when barbecuing or grilling, since plastic spatulas may melt or impart a strange taste to the food. Wood spatulas add a classic accent to your kitchen and are typically more affordable. They're a great choice for stir frying and tasting hot foods. Silicone, nylon and rubber utensils are also gentle on non-stick cookware. Use silicone spatulas when you're baking; they tend to be more flexible than metal or wood spatulas, so they can match the contours of a mixing bowl and get all of those stubborn blobs of batter.