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Kids' Bathroom

Kids enjoy bathtime more with fun bathroom supplies and accessories.

A colorful shower curtain can create a playful atmosphere in your kids' bathroom — and of course, you'll appreciate that it keeps water off the floor. Kids' shower curtains can be decorated with animals, whimsical patterns or your child's favorite character. You'll find that most shower curtains are fabric or vinyl. Fabric shower curtains last longer, but vinyl ones tend to be less expensive.

To keep your child from slipping in the bath or while stepping out, you'll need a bathtub mat and a bath rug. You can choose kids' bath mats that coordinate with your shower curtain or pick ones with different but complimentary looks.

Kids' towels can also be chosen to coordinate with the rest of the bathroom. Your child will need both hand towels and bath towels. Hooded towels are good choices for young children, since they help dry your child's hair and keep their head warm after getting out of the bath. beach towels can be useful for the beach or pool.

Kids' bathrooms also need certain bathroom accessories, including a wastebasket, a toothbrush holder and a tumbler for rinsing after brushing teeth. You may also need a soap dish and a lotion dispenser.

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