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pH & thermometers

Whether you need a pH test for home brewing, your pool water, your garden soil, or your home water supply, order a pH tester or kit. pH testers are reliable tools to check the alkalinity and acidity of liquids and solids.

pH testers: Paper pH tests are strips of paper that change color as they react to the pH in liquids like hot-tub water, urine, saliva, and hydroponic fluids. Drop-type testers work by adding reactive liquid drops to a vial of liquid. Check the strip or liquid color against a chart to read the pH level. Digital and multimeter pH testers may be portable or stationary and offer easy readouts of acid/base levels in solids and liquids.

pH testers with thermometers: Temp and pH testers calibrate pH according to temperature levels in wine, aquarium water, and other liquids affected by temperature changes. LCD readouts show you the precise measurements of both pH and temperature.

Order pH testers with high accuracy ratings for scientific and medical purposes.