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Knives and Tools

Knives are a necessary tool for hunting. Whether you're bushwhacking, skinning game, chopping wood or preparing meals, you'll find that a good knife goes a long way. They're also generally handy implements for both indoor and outdoor work. At, you'll find an assortment of fixed blades, folding blades, pocket knives, utility knives and multi tools from popular brands like Ozark Trail, Kershaw, Camillus and Gerber, so you can always have the right tool to get the job done.

How do I choose the best knife for me?

A good rule of thumb is that a folding knife is best for light tasks such as food prep or opening packages, and knife with a fixed blade is better for hard duties like hunting or wood processing. Start there and find features that work for your specific needs. Folding knives and pocket knives can be carried much more easily than fixed blades, and they're a good choice for use as "EDC" (short for "Every Day Carry") knives. But if you're hunting in dense foliage, look for machetes and other large knifes for clearing brush and bushwhacking.

What's the best handle material for my knives and tools?

If you'll be doing tasks that might get your tools wet, rubber provides a good grip. Stainless steel and aluminum provide the most durability but can be slippery. Wood also provides a good grip but is susceptible to water damage.

Are there tools that can tackle a variety of situations?

Swiss Army knives and other multitools come with a variety of folding tools that are useful for cutting, puncturing clipping and more. Note that they are not always cut out for hard tasks.