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Optics and Binoculars

Whether you're hunting, birdwatching or doing some target practice to keep your shooting skills sharp, you should invest in proper optics to keep everything in focus. At, you'll find a large selection of binoculars, rangefinders, scopes and night-vision equipment to suit your needs and your budget.


Binoculars are a necessity for any outdoorsman. They help you survey the environment, scout game and hone in on that bird you've been chasing. Binoculars are also useful for camping, sporting events and spotting wildlife in your backyard.


Rangefinders measure the distance between the observer and the target. Many modern rangefinders use lasers to measure this distance, and they're helpful for hunters looking to make long-range shots. Rangefinders assist you in calibrating your rifle scope and adjusting your shot to account for projectile drop. Laser rangefinders can also have applications in golf for measuring the yardage of a shot, gauging slope and wind and determining remaining yardage.

Rifle scopes and accessories

Every hunter knows how important it is to make every shot count. Rifle scopes help you hone in on game in all sectors of the kill zone and focus on that kill shot. You can also use scopes for marksmanship training and target practice so you can stay sharp before hunting season starts. Try accessorizing with a laser sight.

Night vision goggles and monoculars

Go for night vision rifle scopes if you're planning on doing some nocturnal hunting. Use goggles and night vision monoculars to track game and find your way around the woods after sundown.