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Room air fresheners

Room air fresheners mask unpleasant odors. They also provide fragrance options to keep your home, office and car smelling fresh.

Plug-ins: Plug-in room fresheners emit a scent using oil refills that attach to an electrical outlet in your home. Simply plug it in, and the aroma fills the room.

Sprays: Use spray air fresheners in any room. Some are designed to eliminate odors in fabric so you can use the sprays on curtains and cloth car seats. Disinfecting sprays get rid of germs.

Automatic air fresheners: Automatic air fresheners continuously emit fragrances. Gel beads in containers absorb bad odors while providing a pleasant aroma. Oil diffusers are automatic fresheners with reeds that take in the scented oil, allowing it to be released in the air. Replace the oil when it's empty.