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Which cleaning tools are essential for a college student living in a dorm?

Dorm rooms tend to have limited space, so smaller sized cleaning supplies would be easier to store. A hand broom with a dust pan would be a good option and can hang inside a closet. Glass cleaning wipes and antibacterial wipes easily fit in drawers.

What's the best way to clean hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors are easy to clean. Sweeping with a broom is all you need for lint or dust build-up. For tougher cleaning, look for floor wipes that fit on mops specially designed for hardwood floors.

What's the easiest cleaning tool for dusting?

Dusting wands make dusting easy. Many are adjustable and extend to hard to reach areas like ceiling fans. Dampened dusting wipes are another option, with the dusting solution already on the wipes. Just dust and throw the wipes away.