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A wok makes the perfect cooking vessel, especially if you're whipping up a family-sized stir-fry. When shopping for a wok, choose from an array of styles.

Carbon steel woks offer great heat absorption and retention, and they come in pre-seasoned and non-stick styles. Depending on your preference, look for a carbon steel wok with a stay-cool wooden or silicone handle.

For heavy-duty performance and sleek style, choose a stainless-steel wok. This material offers even heating, a non-reactive surface, and a polished mirror finish. Lock in flavor while cooking with products featuring sturdy lids.

For a safe, eco-friendly product, purchase a wok with a ceramic coating that's free of harmful chemicals. These products are also scratch resistant, and many come with lids and easy-hang handles.

For optimal durability, shop for a cast iron wok. Features to look for include a pre-seasoned interior, two handles, and versatile construction for cooking on the stove, in the oven, and over an open flame.