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Wine Refrigerators is equipped to supply your home or business with any type of wine cooler that you could need. From 4 Bottles to 200+, we have the wine fridge to cater to your specific need, and many of our items are eligible for 2-day shipping.

Small-capacity wine coolers

Our assortment of small-capacity wine coolers is perfect for your kitchen counter, mini bar or entertaining room. We have a wide selection of brands and sizes that allow you to find the product that best suits your needs. Our vast assortment includes products that feature convection and thermoelectric cooling technologies that give you lots of cooling options.

Medium-capacity wine coolers

Our medium-sized wine coolers are catered toward those who enjoy an inventory of their favorite wines. Shop our collection of medium-capacity wine coolers if you’re looking to store greater than 20 bottles, but less than 50 bottles. From wire to wood shelving, has curated its assortment to meet he specs you need.

We also have a variety of built-in and freestanding wine coolers. For the wine enthusiast who is renovating their mini bar or their kitchen, our built-in selection is a great place to find the product to provide the storage and aesthetic that you’re looking for. These products are able to be built in to your kitchen due to their front-venting design, which lends a sleek look to your space.

Large-capacity wine coolers

Wine refrigerators with a capacity of greater than 50 bottles are categorized in to our large capacity group. Our assortment features both built-in and freestanding options that range from 50 bottles to greater than 200 bottles. Whether you're a wine enthusiast looking for a full-sized wine refrigerator or a freestanding 50-bottle wine cooler, you'll be sure to find an option in our assortment.

Our assortment of large-capacity wine fridges is perfect if you don't have the space, time or resources to devote to a full wine cellar, but still want to properly store your wine collection.