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Wash Bags

Love your clothes and want them to stand the test of time, even after taking a trip through the washer and dryer? Help prolong the life of your garments with a wash bag. At Walmart, you can find a wide assortment of laundry bags to fit everything from sports bras and camis to nylon tights and lace blouses. Whether you're doing your own laundry or your entire family's, you can find the perfect wash bag at everyday low prices.

Since laundry bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can use them for more than just your delicates. Round wash bags can help your bras keep their shape, while square flat bags are perfect for everything else you want to keep in good condition. Put your spaghetti strap tops and delicate lace dresses in a large bag to help keep them from getting stretched out or snagged and torn. Throw your tights and swimsuits in a medium mesh bag to help stop them from getting tangled in your washing machine or around other clothes. Tired of losing socks when they go through the wash? Throw them all into a laundry bag. They'll also be kept together, making it easier to match and fold pairs when you're putting them away later.

When choosing which laundry bag to buy, think about what type of clothes you'll be putting in them. If you're going to be washing anything with hooks, pick a bag with small, barely there holes. Laundry bags with small holes can prevent hooks getting caught on the mesh. If you're washing socks or tougher materials, a mesh bag with larger holes is fine. Generally, the more delicate a clothing item, the smaller the holes on the bag should be.