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TV Tray Tables

If you enjoy eating meals in front of the television, you know how important it is to have a flat, comfortable surface to anchor your plate and glass. TV tray tables provide a comfortable height for eating, reduce the risk of messy accidents and wipe down easily. You'll find a large selection of TV tray tables and lap trays at to complement your lifestyle.

If you're going to be dining on the couch or in a chair, you'll want a classic tray table. They're usually made of natural wood to provide a solid foundation for your meal, and the wood can also complement your room's decor. Tray tables fold into a small footprint for easy transportation and storage. If you're planning on eating in bed, you'll want a lap tray, also known as a serving tray or a bed tray. It's great for eating comfortably while reclining, as well as treating that special someone to a lovely breakfast in bed.