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Teens' Furniture

Furnishing your teenagers room can be be a challenge. Brands like South Shore Furniture and Sauder offer a variety of items to help fill his or her space without taking up too much room. First, consider what it is that your teen may want or need in their space :

  • Beds: Bunkbeds are a great way to fit two bed in one room without taking up extra space. Single beds work better in rooms with one occupant and are available in the traditional style or a single bunkbed-desk combo.
  • dressers: Having a dresser with multiple-sized drawers will allow you child to keep his or her clothes organized and off the floor. Choosing a dresser-shelf combo is a great way to display awards and pictures while keep their clothes nice and tidy without taking up extra room.
  • Seating: If you re looking to save on space, collapsible chairs are easy to store when not in use, while sleeper sofas double as a bed for the next your child has a sleepover. Beanbag chairs are trendy and are available in as assortment of colors and prints to add personality to his or her space.

It doesn't matter if you're looking to completely redo your teen's room or simply looking to add some finishing touches, is sure to have something for everyone.