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Sugar Bowls and Creamers

Creamers are a type of container that holds cream or milk for your coffee, tea, cereal or any other item that may need cream or milk. Sugar bowls are bowls or jars that hold sugar, and usually, includes a lid. They are often made of porcelain, steel or earthenware, but are also available in stone or glass. Deciding which type of creamer, sugar bowl or a combination sets depends on your personal style.

Creamers are available in fun animal shapes such as a cow or an elephant, these particular creamers are perfect for those fond of animals or for those who just want to add a little whimsical charm to their table. Classic-shaped creamers with a traditional handle and spout are available in a variety of styles such as modern and contemporary, country, coastal and more. Creamers can range in size, with the capability of holding anywhere from 3oz to 28oz of milk or cream, with heights up to 15".

Sugar bowls are available as a single item but are often found as part of a set with a matching or coordinating creamer. Using a sugar bowl allows you to easily and efficiently add the sweet ingredient to your favorite tea, coffee, cereal or any other meal you'd like to sweeten. Some sugar bowl and creamer sets offer a serving tray or tiny serving spoon for your convenience. Making your morning coffee or sitting down after a long day with a hot cup of tea will forever be different when you have your creamer and sugar in one place.