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Skillets and frying pans

Whether you want to cook up a few steaks or some grilled cheese sandwiches, you depend on a good frying pan or skillet to get the job done. These products come in an array of styles to suit every cook.

Choose a cast-iron skillet if you're looking for extra durability and great heat retention. These skillets are also free from harmful chemical treatments, and they offer users a dose of nutritional iron through the foods cooked in them. Look for cast-iron skillets that are already seasoned and ready to use.

For a prettier, chemical-free product, pick a ceramic frying pan in your favorite color. Ceramic frying pans are dishwasher and oven safe, and many come with soft-grip handles that always stay cool.

When it comes to stainless steel frying pans, you have a choice between standard and nonstick products. Choose a standard frying pan if you don't mind keeping it seasoned. When you need a nonstick product, consider one with a chemical-free copper coating.