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Pet Vacuums

Having a furry companion such as a dog or a cat in the house means you need a vacuum with extra cleaning power. Walmart carries several models from trusted brands that are designed specifically for homes with pets so you can keep the environment tidy, the furniture neat and the space safe for friends and family with pet allergies.

For general house cleaning, there are several types of upright pet vacuums available. These are engineered to capture and contain pet hair and dander for convenient disposal. Consider the floors in your home and whether you have a greater amount of carpet or hardwoods. Many vacuums can handle both and also have attachments for getting into hard-to-reach spots.

Choose handheld vacuums for quick cleanup jobs or when working in smaller spaces. These also come in handy when cleaning spilled cat litter or vacuuming and removing shed hair from a sofa or even car upholstery. Select a cordless model for more freedom of movement.

While pet vacuums handle everyday jobs, there are also units for scrubbing and stain removal. These help to keep rugs and furniture looking spotless. If you want to sit back and let someone else do the work, Walmart also carries robotic vacuums that automatically move around the floor and scoop up debris.

Shopping at Walmart helps you save money with special offers, including Rollbacks, on popular pet vacuums. You can also use the convenient Pick Up Today option, to find the model that meets your needs and pick it up from your local Walmart store.