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As one of the most recognizable brand names in kitchen appliances, KitchenAid has a level of prestige for home chefs who want to use high-end tools to create elaborate and delicious meals. KitchenAid products are built to last, standing up to repeated use for everything from making cookie dough to brewing a single cup of coffee. Browse this section to find high-quality cooking and baking supplies from one of America’s most trusted kitchen brand names, all at Every Day Low Prices.


The stand mixer is a revolutionary product that makes easy work of big mixing jobs, including whipping egg whites or working a dense bread dough. KitchenAid was actually the first-ever manufacturer of mechanical mixers, and the company remains one of the most in-demand suppliers of these products.

Stand mixers: Stand mixers have a mechanized head to which a mixing attachment connects, and this part then lowers into a bowl attached to the lower part of the mixer assembly. To use the mixer, you simply need to turn the machine on and off to start the mixing attachment. KitchenAid stand mixers are renowned not only for their reliable functionality but also for their versatility, with multiple different mixing and food prep attachments that allow for whisking, meat grinding and pasta making all in one machine.

Hand mixers: KitchenAid’s hand mixers have less versatility in terms of attachments, but they do allow for more dexterity and better control with mixing than the stand mixers do. Home chefs who regularly create a variety of different baked goods from scratch may appreciate having a hand mixer to use in whipping up mixtures that may require some stirring. Hand mixers are also generally more affordable, but the fact that you must hold onto them and the bowl in which you're mixing ingredients can make them more tiring to use for big tasks.

Blenders and food processors

Reducing a large onion to a fine dice can be quite time consuming, and the process of pressing and straining soups to remove chunks is a labor-intensive effort when you do it by hand. The appliances in these categories take hard physical labor out of the equation and make food prep much faster.

Stand blenders: Stand blenders have a reservoir that attaches to a base. You add your desired ingredients into this reservoir, and the blades in the bottom go to work pureeing these items. This makes stand blenders useful for making things like smoothies and frozen margaritas or blending ingredients for a sauce prior to cooking. It's possible to add hot or liquid ingredients to a stand blender, though most people tend to use stand blenders to puree solid ingredients into a smooth liquid. Most of KitchenAid’s stand blenders have pouring spouts that make it easy to decant the ingredients from inside the blending reservoir into a smaller bottle or storage container.

Immersion blenders: Also known as hand blenders, these stick-shaped kitchen appliances are designed in a way that allows you to stick them directly into a bowl or pot of ingredients you want to mix up. These blenders aren’t designed to chop up large solid items, so they’re usually brought in toward the end of the cooking process when ingredients like vegetables are involved. This makes immersion blenders ideal for smoothing out soups, sauces and other hot liquids you wouldn’t necessarily want to pour into a blender. This also makes less mess because there’s no need to clean out a separate reservoir in addition to a cooking pot. However, it does mean that you need to use a container that’s large enough to contain the swirling mixture as it blends.

Food processors: Food processor size is measured in cup capacity, which refers to the amount of food the interior container can old. Mini food processors are great for making small batches of things like salad dressing or minced onions, while larger food processors can handle things like meatball mixtures or pizza dough. Larger food processors also tend to come with various attachments and blades that offer you more control over the kinds of slices and cuts you get out of your food.

Other kitchen supplies

This section includes a variety of other products made with the same attention to detail and renowned quality as KitchenAid’s better-known products. These assorted kitchen supplies may be especially useful for those who are stocking a kitchen from scratch or working to replace outdated equipment. Look for items such as coffee grinders, coffee makers and kettles to streamline your morning routine, or choose toasters and toaster ovens to work in place of your stove when you're making smaller batches of food. KitchenAid also makes non-electronic kitchen supplies that are useful for food prep and cooking. Options include essentials such as kitchen knives, cooking utensils and sets of pots and pans.