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Selecting the right KitchenAid kettle

KitchenAid makes kettles in a variety of sizes, including large-capacity options that hold more than 7 cups of water. The largest kettles on offer in this section are best if you regularly serve several hot beverages at once. Using a large-capacity kettle for smaller quantities of water doesn’t reduce efficiency, though storage space is a potential concern. Electric kettles are generally more efficient than stovetop kettles, though they also usually cost more due to their advanced features. When counter space is at a premium, though, a stovetop kettle may be your best option. The different electric kettle models in this section may offer different capacities and come in different designs while also integrating different control sets. Some use an LED control panel to offer you greater control over water temperature, while others simply have an on/off switch that brings the water to a boil without any options to select temperatures.