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KitchenAid food processor considerations

KitchenAid makes food processors in several sizes, including mini 3.5-cup and large 11-cup capacities. Larger projects, such as making doughs or slicing enough vegetables for a full dinner recipe, typically call for a larger processor.

In general, most food processors can handle viscous liquids, such as oils or eggs, and can also blend small quantities of thinner liquids like vinegar or water, particularly if you mix them in with dry ingredients. Some KitchenAid food processors feature gaskets that allow you to mix greater quantities of liquids without creating any splashing.

The functionality of the appliance you choose depends on the attachments and features of the food processor model you're looking at. Processors with blade attachments can often slice, grate and julienne ingredients in addition to chopping and blending. Those without such attachments can be useful for rough chopping and blending dry and wet ingredients.