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KitchenAid blenders

A blender from KitchenAid can be a great asset if you want to start making more blended liquid drinks and dishes, including soups, smoothies, milkshakes and more. Think about the following features to choose your ideal blender.

Pitcher capacity is important if you plan to make large batches with your mixer. Convert ounces to cups for a better understanding of what the pitcher can hold, and purchase a larger-capacity design if you have a big family or entertain frequently.

Depending on the model, a KitchenAid blender may offer five or more blending speeds, along with ice crushing and pulsing modes for extra versatility. KitchenAid blenders also typically include SoftStart and IntelliSpeed features that control the motor's speed. This prevents splashing and inconsistent blends.

KitchenAid's small appliances tend to be available in colors beyond the standard black, white and silver, which may be of particular value if you put a high premium on having your appliances double as decor in the kitchen.