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Ironing boards

The right ironing board can make pressing and creasing your clothing much easier, but you should consider storage in addition to active use when making your purchase decision.

  • Freestanding ironing boardsA freestanding ironing board comes with its own built-in support legs which can typically be folded up to make the board flat. This allows for easy storage, but freestanding boards are generally quite tall and take up significant space when unfolded.
  • Tabletop ironing boardsTabletop ironing boards offer a small amount of surface area for ironing, but they re lightweight and take up very little space when stored. They must be used on top of a supportive surface and can even be used on top of your washer or dryer.
  • Over-the-door ironing boardsOver-the-door ironing boards offer a balance between easy storage and useful surface area. They fold flat against the door they hang on when not in use.