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Ice Cream and Frozen Treat Makers

Making your own frozen desserts lets you choose any flavor you can imagine, avoid preservatives and other unwanted ingredients, and even make a nutritious treat.

There are many types of ice cream makers available. Manual ice cream makers are usually operated with a crank, which can be a lot of work but can also be a fun activity for your family to do together. Hand-cranked ice cream makers tend to be more affordable, smaller and portable, so you can bring them with you to picnics or parties. Electric ice cream makers, on the other hand, are very easy to use: just pour in your ingredients and turn the switch.

Many ice cream makers include a unit that has to be stored in your freezer prior to use, so you'll need enough space in your freezer to accommodate it. However, some larger, more expensive electric ice cream makers have a built-in freezing component. In addition to freeing up your freezer, this lets you prepare multiple batches of ice cream, one right after the other.

In addition to ice cream, ice cream makers can be used to make frozen yogurt, sorbet, sherbert, frozen custard and granita. You'll also find special frozen treat makers that make slushies, snow cones, smoothies and frozen margaritas. With Walmart's great selection and Every Day Low Prices, your options for preparing homemade frozen treats are practically unlimited. Don't forget to check out our other kitchen appliances as well. Save money. Live better.