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Garment Steamers

Garment steamers can remove wrinkles in fabric without having to make contact with the material like a traditional iron. Steamers use water to create hot steam to relax fibers of wrinkled or creased fabric. Garment steamers can remove wrinkles in certain apparel items like screen-printed tees and tanks without causing damage to the graphic, unlike a traditional iron which would damage the print.

Garment steamers are available in various styles and designs. Standing steamers offer the ability to hang an item on the extended rack while you press away the wrinkles, while a handheld steamer will allow you get through a bunch of items on an additional rack efficiently. Most garment steamers offer fast heat-ups and longer lasting steam. Some brands offer addition attachments such as a bristle brush or delicate fabric spacer. If you find that your garment is made of stubborn fabric that is hard to knock wrinkles out of, finding a steamer with a wrinkle-remover bar that heats up to lightly remove tough wrinklesis ideal. Steam presses are a combination of a steamer and an iron in one unit. They use steam bursts like a streamer and a molded heating element to distribute temperature evenly like an iron. Steam press units take up more space than a standing or handheld garment steamer but has the ability to provide professional results in a matter of minutes.