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    Factors to Consider When Choosing a Refrigerator

    Measuring : Make sure to measure your space to make sure your new refrigerator will fit. Be sure to measure length, width and height. Also take into account the space where the doors will open. It important to be sure your new fridge will complement your space.

    Types of Refrigerators:

    Top Freezer: Top freezer refrigerators are the classic take on a refrigerator. Top freezers are the most common type of refrigerator and often the least expensive. It is often worth noting that this is generally the most energy efficient type of refrigerator. The dedicated freezer will make up the top section of the appliance and will be at eye level. The bottom portion is the refrigerator. If you are in the market for a basic refrigerator, a top freezer may be your best bet. They also come in the widest variety of sizes and can be great for apartments or smaller spaces.

    Bottom Freezer: A bottom freezer refrigerator is similar to a top freezer, but this model will have the freezer portion on the bottom. Although less common, a bottom freezer refrigerator may be more convenient as the refrigerator portion and fresh foods will be at eye level. There may be less variety in bottom freezer refrigerators but convenience and efficiency of space more than make up for this.

    Side by Side: Side by side refrigerators have more equally sized refrigerator and freezers, that run parallel to each other. Side by side refrigerators typically have the freezer on the left and the refrigerator on the right. This style does not require as much space to swing the doors open and could fit into a galley kitchen nicely. This style will often have water and ice incorporated into the freezer door.

    French Door: French door refrigerators have gained lots of popularity in recent years. The refrigerator sits on the top of this style with two doors that open to a full width refrigerator. This style combines the best of a side by side refrigerator and a bottom freezer. The refrigerator section is spacious enough for a large family and can store whatever you need it to, even pizza boxes. French door refrigerators are often available with different door configurations, some models are available with up to 5 doors.

    Freezerless Refrigerator: In most cases, Freezerless refrigerators are used as a supplemental storage unit rather than a primary kitchen appliance. Freezerless refrigerators can be useful as snack and drink storage in a garage, an outdoor lounge area, game room, guest house or office. Some of the appliances in this section are designed for specific industrial applications such as beverage storage or medical specimen cold storage. These models may have locking doors for security.

    Size breakdown in Cubic Feet:

    7-12 Cubic Feet: This size refrigerator is usually classified as an apartment refrigerator. This size refrigerator is great for any small space, whether it be a tiny kitchens or office refrigerator. This size will usually only be offered in top and bottom freezer styles.

    13-17 Cubic Feet: This is a medium sized refrigerator and is usually available in more variation than the smaller sized refrigerators.

    18 Cubic Feet and up: This size is on the larger end and is classified as a standard size refrigerator. There are generally more styles available in this size range. This size is perfect for a family and can hold plenty of groceries and frozen foods.

    Choose the right finish: Walmart has refrigerators in a wide variety of finishes. The classics are stainless steel, black, and white. Walmart also offers additional finishes, such as retro or red if you are looking for a statement piece.

    Additional Services: Walmart now offers installation and haul away services through Porch.