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What can you make in a food processor?

Having a food processor is like having a culinary assistant in the kitchen. Use it to finely chop vegetables, grate cheese or even blend sauces and salsas. The more advanced the model is that you choose, the more you can do, but even the cheapest food processor makes slicing, dicing and mincing simple so you can focus on other tasks.

Do food processors come in different sizes?

Yes, they do. You can find a model as small as 1.5 cups for home use and large 14-cup models that work well in a professional kitchen. Mid-range food processors, such as those with an 8-cup capacity, work best when you're preparing food for a family.

How many power options should a food processor offer?

The power levels vary on each model, but you should choose one that at least offers a pulsing option for chopping. Look for a model with three power levels to help with a multitude of cutting and blending tasks.