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  • 14 Pieces: 8" chef's knife; 8" bread knife; 5" utility knife; 3.5" paring knife; 6 x 4.5" steak knives; scissors; 8" sharpening steel; 6" Nakiri knife; Wood knife block with The Pioneer Woman logo
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    Kitchen Knives and Cutlery

    You'd be surprised how much difference a good knife makes when you're working in the kitchen. When you have a collection of sharp knives, you don't have to work as hard when you're cutting meat, vegetables, bread and whatever you're preparing for your next meal. Whether you're replacing your old and dull collection of knives or upgrading a new kitchen with new cutlery, you'll find an assortment of kitchen knives to get the job done at

    Types of kitchen knives

    If you're starting from scratch, look for kitchen knife sets, cutlery sets or knife block sets to save money and get all the knives you need at once. Otherwise, consider buying specialized knives individually to suit your needs. Chef's knives are all-purpose knives that are perfect for rocking on a cutting board, while paring knives work well when peeling fruits and vegetables. Bread knives have a serrated edge to easily and safely cut through hard edges. If you're serving meat, use a butcher knife to prepare the meat, then provide guests with steak knives to use at the dinner table. Electric knives can be very useful when cutting large pieces of meat or bread loaves.

    You'll also want to maintain your kitchen knives, so keep the edges honed with a knife sharpener. Use an electric knife sharpener for a safe and easy way to sharpen your cutlery, or go for a basic sharpening steel (also known as a honing steel) to save money. Store knives in a knife block to save space, minimize accidental cutting and maintain the knives' edges.