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There are many times at home when it's ideal to have your windows open and let the sunshine and the breezes come in freely. However, there are times, when the weather is stormy, when you're trying to get some sleep or just times when you want some privacy, that those windows need to be both closed and covered. That's when curtains can provide the light-blocking protection you need. With Walmart's low prices, every day, on everything, you can add curtains to every window in your home and not break the bank doing so. Here a few things to keep in mind while shopping so you can find the right set up for your home.

Curtains vs drapes

Although curtains and drapes are seemingly the same thing, and the words are usually used interchangeably, they're slightly different. Unlike their drapery cousin, curtains are lighter window coverings and usually come without a liner, which make them ideal for locations like kitchens or upstairs rooms that are away from the prying eye. By contrast, draperies are heavier and do an excellent job at keeping the areas around windows warmer during the colder seasons of the year due to their added weight. They also tend to be more ornate than curtains are, available in fine fabrics like satin and silk.

Curtain accessories

With so many different lengths, styles and fabrics to choose from, it's easy to forget that curtains aren't the only you need to change the look of your windows. At Walmart, you'll find a great selection of curtain accessories like curtain poles or eyelet rings to improve the functionality and appearance of your curtains.