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Champagne Flutes

What are the basic parts of a champagne flutes?

Tradditonal champagne flutes are designed with three key features; the base, the stem and the bowl. The base is the key ingrediant in keeping the wine glass standing, while the stem is the long skinny part that most people hold and is the part of the glass that connects the base to the bowl. The bowl of a wine glass is the part that holds the champagne, this can either a tall tapered shape or an elongated slim bowl.

What are some of the different types of champagne glasses?

  • Champagne Flute: The flute is the most common glass shape for champagne; it looks elegant and features a long stem that makes holding onto and toasting simple and easy. The long, slender bowl allows for a good sized serving to be poured, resulting in fewer trips to the bartender.

  • Champagne Tulips: The champagne tulip glass is different from the flute becasue of its wide bowl and narrow top. This glass resembles a wine glass and because the glass shape traps the aromas inside the bowl, preventing accidental spills, as well as allowing you to better taste and smell the champagne. Like the champagne flute, this glass has a long allows for plenty of room to hold the glass and prevents you from inadvertently warming the champagne. offers a variety of champagne flutes that are available in different shapes, sizes and quantities that will fit your style and budget.