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When choosing a casket for your loved one, important factors to consider are size and material. The average exterior size of a casket is 83" x 28" x 24" and the average interior is 79" x 24". Based upon these measurements, the standard casket will accommodate an adult up to about six and a half feet tall and two feet wide. Oversized coffins are also available for those who do not fit standard sizes.

The most common casket materials are wood, metal and fiberglass. Wooden caskets are usually crafted out of hardwoods including oak, cherry and mahogany with highly polished finishes. Simple wooden caskets are economical, but the cost increases along with furnishings and detail. Metal caskets are made out of stainless steel, copper and bronze. Copper and bronze caskets are priced by weight per square foot and are virtually rust resistant. Stainless steel caskets also have rust resistant properties and are more affordable than copper and bronze options. Steel caskets are priced and categorized by gauge (thickness). Fiberglass caskets can come in a variety of different finishes and are known for being light and durable. There are also a wide variety of color and design options that can serve as a way to reflect the personality and style of the deceased.