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Tips for Choosing a Can Opener

When you crave chili or a good tuna sandwich, a can opener is an essential kitchen tool. Use the following tips to find a great can opener at Every Day Low Prices.

  • Size: Narrow your search by selecting specific model widths. If you have limited space in the kitchen, consider a handheld can opener that easily fits in a drawer or a model that attaches under a cabinet.
  • Convenience: Corded or battery-operated electric can openers are convenient, requiring little more than a press of a button for opening. Manual can openers are great for taking on the go. Look for models with built-in magnets or gripping tools that make it easy to remove the cut top.
  • Blades: Look at the way the blades cut the can. Traditional can openers cut inside the rim of the can, leaving sharp edges. Side-cutting can openers cut below the rim so you can easily remove the top without slicing your fingers.