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Cake & Tiered Stands

Presentation goes a long way in the dining room, and serveware is a significant part of a pleasurable eating experience. Cake stands and tiered stands provide an elegant setting for your newest dessert, and prevent it from going stale too quickly with the glass cover. You can keep fruit tidy and organized with a tiered server, or show off smaller desserts with a cupcake stand. You'll find a large selection of stands to wow your guests and keep food properly stored at

Often seen in diners to enhance presentation, cake stands are an essential addition to any dessert lover's dining room. They're usually made of glass and consist of a round base and a glass cover. The base provides an elegant platform for cakes and pies, while the cover helps keep your treats fresh and protected from outside debris. And if you're celebrating a birthday, you can add a bit of pomp to the cake ceremony instead of just plopping it on the table in front of him or her. Cupcake stands are a great choice for smaller baked goods. They take advantage of vertical space to display treats and minimize clutter on the dining table, and they work beautifully as a centerpiece for a special occasion. These tiered stands can be made of metal wire, glass or porcelain, though you can save money on a cardboard stand if you don't plan on making cupcakes all the time. There are also tiered stands for fruit, which prevent bruises and keep them tastier for longer.